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Global warming
They're connected: Save water save energy, save the Earth

February 10, 2003
Press Democrat Editorial

As local agencies came together last week to talk about their shared commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases, energy conservation was a major theme.

Partners in the Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign -- including all nine cities and the county of Sonoma -- know they can make their biggest contributions with energy-efficient buildings and energy-efficient vehicles.

And with water conservation. It turns out that cities spend a ton of money on electricity that runs the pumps that import water and export wastewater from the places we live and work.

When we use less water, we use less energy.

In the same week, the city of Santa Rosa reported on its decade-long, water conservation program.

By retrofitting fixtures for 20,000 commercial and residential customers, Virginia Porter, the city's deputy director of water resources, reported, the city believes it avoids using 1.7 million gallons of water a day -- nearly 630 million gallons a year.

Wow. This success can be measured in many ways: healthier local streams, reduced sewer and water bills, reduced electrical bills, and one more -- energy conservation and a reduction in the dangers associated with global warming.


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