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Barry Vesser,
Development Director

Campaign builds with major donor support led by new Fundraising Committee and Barry Vesser, new Development Director.

This Fall the Climate Protection Campaign kicks off its fundraising drive to multiply its power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The drive is part of a comprehensive fundraising endeavor that resulted from last April's strategic planning meeting of board, staff, and volunteers. The Campaign aims to raise $70,000 over the next year from individual donations as part of a diversified plan which includes grants, fee for service contracts, and other sources. Money will be used to support our programs with government, schools, businesses, and the community at large.

The main focus of the Campaign's activities over the next year will be to translate Sonoma's bold community targets into actual greenhouse gas emission reductions. To do this we need to create a Community Climate Action Plan, an integrated, clear, and compelling blueprint to achieve our ambitious targets. Financial support will also enable the Campaign to disseminate its successful model to other areas of the state and have an even larger impact on greenhouse gas reduction.

A new Fundraising Committee oversees the drive and includes Martha Kowalick (Board member), Kim Clement (Advisor), Barbara Gerber (Volunteer), Ann Hancock and Barry Vesser. Opportunities abound to make our community a national leader in addressing climate change.

Please contact Barry Vesser at 237-2696 or to volunteer on the Fundraising Committee, help expand our circle of supporters, donate, or learn more. You can also donate online through a secure connection on our website at


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