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Connie Codding opens the event.

Steve Geney, president of North Bay Construction, shares his goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Successful business leader event

Connie & Hugh Codding and Kim and Clay Clement hosted a well-attended business leader fundraiser for the Campaign on April 7th. Other hosts included Clem & Ann Marie Carinalli, Brenda & Keith Christopherson, Dick & Pam Dowd, Steve & Marilyn Geney, Orrin & Terri Thiessen, Shirely Gordon, and Amy Bolten. Brad Baker of Codding Enterprises, Steve Geney of North Bay Construction, and Brenda Christopherson of Christopherson Homes each briefly described efforts they are making in their businesses for climate protection. They emphasized the opportunities for investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Kim Clement, an attorney and advisor to the Campaign, spoke about the urgent need to address climate change and the Campaign’s plans for local action this year.

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