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Flex Your Power energy-saving activites in Sonoma County

Did you know that answering machines use more energy over the course of a year than a computer? Even though answering machines use less energy, they are always on, as opposed to a computer that is only on for a short time every day. By pruchasing Energy Star products and taking simple measures at home to improve your energy use, you can save up to 25-30% on your energy use, which saves money and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

The Climate Protection Campaign has been on the move throughout Sonoma County promoting Flex Your Power at events, on the radio, and even in your water bill. For the second year, we are getting the message out on how to save energy at home during the summer and winter months. We have conducted light bulb exchanges at the Santa Rosa Downtown Market, at Froggy 92.9 Safety Day, and at "Lights On After School" events at elementary schools in Santa Rosa and the River in partnership with Sonoma Serves and West County Community Services. We also had information booths at the Harmony Festival and the Bioneers Conference. We are placing advertisements in local radio and newspapers. This year, we are working with Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Cotati, Cloverdale, and Sonoma to get the Flex Your Power message to every resident through the cities' monthly water bills.

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Here are 10 Cool Money Saving Ideas:
1. Cool cars don't guzzle gas, find fuel-efficient cars at
2. Think before you drive - can you save those errands for a day when you need to be in town?
3. Look for ENERGY STAR labels on all electronics, appliance, and home building materials
4. Light bulbs matter (change your lights to compact fluorescent)
5. Unplug the extra freezer
6. Get a home energy survey - you can start online with this one from Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory
7. Microwave
8. Plant a tree
9. Wash your clothes in cold water
10. Bug the boss and amplify your actions through collective solutions

The Flex Your Power Community Outreach Campaign is funded by California utility customers and administered by Southern California Edison Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.  The goal of the Flex Your Power Community Outreach Campaign is to provide California's rural utility customers with information about ways they can help the environment and save money by reducing energy consumption and purchasing energy efficient lighting, appliances and equipment.  Messages are promoted through advertising and outreach in targeted rural areas serviced by PG&E, SCE, SGC, and SDG&E.   For purposes of the campaign, rural areas are defined as non-metropolitan counties as well as small towns and rural parts of metropolitan counties.  This campaign is overseen by Runyon, Saltzman & Einhorn, Inc (RS&E), a Sacramento-based advertising and public relations firm.  This campaign is implemented in 16 counties in California by local non-profit agencies.  Our community outreach strategies include tabling at community events, giving presentations, providing local media outlets with information about the campaign and outreach activities, and securing advertising placements in local media outlets including newspapers, newsletters, and radio.







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