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Second Annual Climate Protection Conference features California EPA Secretary

The second annual “Climate Protection Everybody Profits” at the Spreckles Center in Rohnert Park was a huge success. The Campaign did a report on progress that the cities have made since last year LINK and several cities had representatives report on what actions they have taken over the last year. There was some friendly competition between Healdsburg and Sebastopol over who would reach a 40% emissions reduction first. The business panel, which included Sonoma Wine Company, Christopherson Homes, Sonoma Compost, and Harmony Farm Supply, focused on the different measures that they were each implementing to reduce the greenhouse gases of their operations.

There was “tools and solutions” panel, which featured vendors with specific services or products to help government and business reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Dave Erickson from the Campaign’s Cool Business Alliance spoke on the panel about how that program saves businesses money while increasing profitability. He has supported by a very cool entourage (see photo).

The day ended with an address from Linda Adams, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. She emphasized that global warming is happening, that California is showing leadership on what can be done to address it and that these measures will actually be good for the economy.










Dave Erickson, second from left, presents climate change solutions for businesses with a cool cadre of climate protectors watching his back.

Jake MacKenzie, Rohnert Park city council member, emcees.

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