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Yes on Proposition 87

The Climate Protection Campaign recently endorsed Prop 87 which will be on the November ballot. Revenues from this California Initiative will fund a $4 billion effort to increase the use of alternative fuels and energy, create new jobs, stimulate the state¹s economy and reduce air pollution that causes lung and other related disease and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The revenue for this initiative will be generated solely by drilling fees imposed on oil companies doing business in the state. In Louisiana, Alaska and even Texas, oil companies pay billions in oil drilling fees- but they pay almost nothing in California. It is important to note that the oil companies have invested nearly $30 million to defeat this proposition.

Prop 87 is very much about public health with its major goal to reduce our consumption of gas and diesel by 25% annually within ten years of the funding. And as you may well know the impact from exposure to diesel and gas pollution, such as premature death, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and other related disease, cost California $21.5 billion in 2004 health care costs. That figure does not include impacts such as missed work and school.

It also does a great deal to get new vehicles into the market that will utilize the bio-fuels and new vehicle technologies like plug in hybrids.

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