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In Memorium: Joel Woodhull

A personal note from Ann: I loved Joel for his brilliant mind, generous spirit, and devotion to making the world a better place. I also loved that although quiet and a bit shy, he was always very present, engaged, and responsive. He willingly contributed time and expertise to the Campaign. He eagerly understood and embraced new ideas like the Ecological Footprint and the Sky Trust. A sweet memory I have of him was of him helping me carry muffins for a workshop to my car one rainy morning – much to my surprise and honor. --Ann

CPC consultants

Joel Woodhull, far right, February 2007

(Also in photo, top row, left to right: Alden Feldon, Walter Kieser, Barry Vesser, Paul Fenn, Chris Thomas, Rebecca Benassini, David Schonbrunn, Dave Erickson, Jim McGreen, Joel Woodhull.
Bottom row, left to right: Stacey Meinzen, Barbara Gerber, Ned Orrett, Ann Hancock.)

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“Transportation for the next hundred years”

Sonoma County Transportation and Land Use Coalition

Joel's obituary from Sonoma West Times and News:



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