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Global Warming Reality Check
FREE Community Forum

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 6:308:45 p.m.
Sonoma County Central Library
Third and E Streets, Santa Rosa

The Day After Tomorrow is a disaster film scheduled for release May 28, 2004. It's already creating quite a buzz in the national press, and promises to significantly raise public awareness about global climate change.

The Sonoma County Forum will feature Special Guests:

Dorothy Friedel · SSU science professor
Alan Strachan · Santa Rosa businessman
Vicki Videk-Martinez · Rohnert Park Council member
Sister Michaela Rock · Saint Joseph's Sisters of Orange
Kirk Tolfa, student · youth perspective
Cosponsor: Community Clean Water Institute
For more information: call Ann Hancock (707) 829-1224

Many national groups are organizing to take advantage of this phenomenon. Examples: - - For local action, there are several ways you can participate:

  • Download the flyer announcing the community forum, (200 KB) make copies of the flyer, check the movie section of your local paper to find where and when the film is showing, and distribute flyers there to theater goers.
  • Attend and/or volunteer to help at the community forum, Wednesday, June 9, 6:30 - 8:45, Central Library, 3rd and E, Santa Rosa.
  • Donate for an ad announcing the community forum in the Press Democrat movie section. The cost for a 4 column inch ad for June 6,7,8 & 9, 2004 non-profit rate, is $496.29. You can donate online or send a check payable to Telos (our non profit sponsor) to P.O. Box 558, Graton 95444. If we raise more than $500, we will run the ad for more days and/or run a bigger ad.

Volunteer? Questions? Comments? Please contact Ann Hancock, (707) 829-1224.


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