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Help Bring Robert Redford to Sonoma for "Hot Stars for a Cool Planet"

Last year at the ceremony where Governor Davis signed the bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from California's vehicles, Robert Redford stated that he would go anywhere to help protect the climate. The Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign jumped on this opportunity, and invited him to be the main attraction at our event "Hot Stars for a Cool Planet." Based on a letter from his office, Mr. Redford will consider our invitation this year.

Please help us expand the number of people inviting Mr. Redford to join us for the event - and make it irresistible. Send us your photo invitation. Be creative! We'll post it on this website, send a copy to Mr. Redford, and let you know when he says yes.

If you'd like to donate to the "Come Hither, Robert Redford" campaign, please fill out the fields below and click the "Come Hither, Robert!" button. Your donations are 100% tax deductable and 100% appreciated.



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