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Cool Schools Intern Bonny Frick

I am a senior in the Energy Management and Design Curriculum at SSU, and have devoted much of my free time studying energy, and how to reduce consumption of the dirtier and more costly forms of it.

I appreciate the opportunity to work locally within my community with groups of students to reduce the amount of energy they consume at their schools. I hope that the efforts they make will save their respective schools money for education, give the schools more incentives to integrate energy efficient designs to new buildings and remodeling projects, as well as translate the practices of the students back to their homes and families. I hope the successes here will incite many more schools within Sonoma County to participate in the program.

My background includes being a volunteer leader for OutDoor Pursuits, the on campus program for backpacking, camping, and water trips. I held this position for one year, and it was my job to lead a small group of students on two trips a semester, each being a weekend in length. I was in charge of the participants' safety, food, and fun. I was constantly challenged as a leader to form group cohesion, and uphold the values and policies of the

I then became OutDoor Pursuits Coordinator for one year. Stepping up in the program meant a whole new world of responsibility. I led bi-semesterly weekend retreats to train and unify the team of 13-18 student leaders, coordinated who would lead trips, organized bi-monthly potlucks for keeping everyone up to date, planned all
trip destinations, designed a catalog, took care of advertising, and made sure that all the leaders were ready for their trips, among many other responsibilities.

I was also assistant coordinator for the Freshman Welcoming Program. We took groups of incoming freshman through a week of growth and preparation for college.


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