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Cool Schools Project

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These Realtor partners are helping schools!
Cool Schools Update
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Energy Savings Updates from Analy, El Molino and Laguna High Schools 2004
Analy and El Molino put Green Schools on the web

What we can't do alone, we can do together.
Cool Schools is a project of the Climate Protection Campaign. Now that the important tier of local governments have embarked on reducing GHG emissions, the next important tier is our local schools. Especially during times of budget cuts, schools are very interested in the money savings resulting from reductions in energy use and GHG emissions.


West Sonoma County Highnow part of Cool Schools
With a green light from Board President Nick Lucia, Superintendent Dave Wheeler on May 6 signed a letter of intent that officially begins West County High Schools involvement with the Cool Schools program. In anticipation of the programs fall launch, we are now recruiting teams of faculty, staff, and students. Teams will attend an orientation/training/planning session to customize a program for their schools. Seven teachers have already signed up. Analy teachers include Dave Casey, Matt Christensen, Junie Curtis, Jason Roth, and Susan Swanson. Bruce Light and Kent Kromwell signed up from Laguna.

Because of President Lucias and Superintendent Wheelers foresight in signing up for the program now, WSCUHSDs program will be partially subsidized by the California PUC through Strategic Energy Innovations of Marin For realtors this means about half of the $31,000 budgeted for WSCUHSDs 2003 Cool Schools program is already met. We also budgeted an additional $50,000 to help make energy-saving upgrades to school buildings and operations.

This program is a proven investment. Schools that have previously participated have, on average, saved 5 to 15% of their total energy bills through behavior changes alone.

Realtors help the schools and the planet, too
Ten real estate agents inaugurated the partnership
with the schools by pledging their supportmany for 1% of their commissions. Charter partners include: Pat Bocca, Bev Buswell, Chris Cella, Cary Fargo, Michael Friedenberg, Kaye Henzerling, Rosie Kehoe, Melody Montero, Stephen Liebling, Sandy Mays, Andrea Napoleon, Doug Schaeffer, Norbert Tenenbaum, and Jeannie Woods. Lender Rob Bader also signed up. Contact information for these Cool Schools partners is available here.

To inform more real estate agents about the program and encourage their support, we will make presentations at each Sebastopol office. After we reach a critical mass in Sebastopol, well head out to the river and the coast. Eventually, we will extend our real estate agent/school partnership model to other communities in Sonoma County and beyond.
If you would like to become a partner in the Cool Schools program, please complete and submit a pledge form.

Green Schools? Cool Schools?
Green Schools is a name trademarked by the Alliance to Save Energy for their Green Schools program, the one being offered in WSCUHSD and other districts throughout the Bay Area. Cool Schools is a program of the Climate Protection Campaign that includes the Green Schools program.
Find out more about the Green Schools program.

Analy students address
the Sebastopol City Council
April 15, 2003

We appreciate the special seed money from Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance that helped us start the Cool Schools program.

For more information about Cool Schools, please contact:
Paula Magyari 823-5267
Ann Hancock 829-1224


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