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Cool Schools Project UpdateNovember 2003

New Logo
Analy High student Natsuki Matsumoto designed our new Cool Schools logoshown at left.

Five school teams trained together in September. Students, teachers, and staff from El Molino High, Analy High, Laguna, Montgomery, and Yulupa schools participated in an all day training session on September 20 at El Molino High School in Forestville. They learned about the program, tried out exercises for class use, learned about energy monitoring equipment they can use, and created custom plans to implement the program at their schools.

Support for Cool Schools builds. To date, sixteen realtors have contributed or have pledged to contribute to the Cool Schools program. Since April of this year, realtors have written 36 checks totaling $9,975. One realtor has sent in eight separate contributions; another wrote a check for $3,000. In addition, Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance gave Cool Schools $750 seed money, and another donor gave the program $110.

To date we have raised $10,835 64 percent toward our goal of $17,000 by the end of the year. Program expenses to date are $4,951. We also aim to raise an additional $50,000 by the end of the year for energy efficiency upgrades to help schools save more money through lower energy bills. We will work with school Site Committees to optimize these facility allocations.

Visibility The website shows contact information, photos, and statements from Cool Schools real estate agent partners. We have also run four small ads and one full page ad in Sonoma West Times and News about Cool Schools. Ads feature agents who support the program with the message: The right agent makes a world of difference. Choose one who gives back by supporting Cool Schools.

What can I do? Please help us build the corps of partners for this valuable work by signing up other agents. Pledge forms are available online here. For non-agents, you can help by referring buyers and sellers to Cool Schools agents.

For more information, please contact:
Stephen Liebling 824-4263
Pat Bocca 824-2500
Michael Friedenberg 824-2434
Sandy Mays 829-2011
Ann Hancock 829-1224

Cool Schools Teams

Shown on September 20, 2003, as they customize their plans for implementing the program at their schools.

Analy High School Team: (left to right)
Megan Paladini, Susan Swanson, Brenda Hoff, Dave Casey, (not shown: Matthew Kristensen)


El Molino High School Team: (left to right)
Katie Siegle, Emily Sanchez, Bruce Norwitt, Walt Gentry, Cyane Dandridge (Strategic Energy Innovations), (not shown: Rick Massell, Nina Shaw)


Laguna Team: (left to right)
Kent Cromwell, Bruce Light, Keenann Denison


Montgomery High School Team: (left to right)
Joseph Dowd, Sam Hetchler, Doug Benenson, Gina Melvin, Katie Elliot, Paula Fogarty


Yulupa Team: (left to right)
Richard Walker, Mildred Dandridge (Strategic Energy Innovations), Anne Martinez, Melanie MacLean
Cyane Dandridge demonstrates a heat sensor used to find leaks in ducts. Also shown (left to right) Keenann Denison, Rick Massell, Keith Etheridge, Kent Cromwell, and Richard Walker.

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